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Since 1939, THE JOHN J. BARRY COMPANY has specialized in designing and providing Air Moving Ventilation Systems for numerous Industrial Manufacturers within the Maryland region.  In 1939 Mr. Jack Barry was Maryland’s first Aerovent Fan Representative. His tradition of providing outstanding customer service continues as our primary goal, and as a result, many of our client relationships last for years, and even beyond the workplace.


THE JOHN J. BARRY COMPANY has (38) thirty-eight years’ experience designing, contracting, installing, and commissioning Industrial HVAC and Dehumidification systems to Private Industry and Government Agencies, with applications ranging from Battery Manufacturing Firms to Missile Defense Facilities to office buildings, churches, hospitals, landfills, and a wide variety of industrial manufacturing plants. Numerous Indoor Air Quality evaluations have been performed with detailed reports identifying the cause(s) of complaint and providing solution(s) to improve workplace air quality.  References available.


The Company has extensive knowledge of codes, standards, and regulations involving environmental, life, and safety, and in designing all types of mechanical systems and workplace Environmental Control Systems, involving: HVAC psychometrics & principles, fluid pressure drops, heat transfers, moisture transmissions, fluid mechanics, and logic control.  Industrial Plant experience with all types of mechanical equipment: fans, pumps, chillers, cooling towers, boilers, air handling units, desiccant dehumidifiers, thermal oxidizers, pollution control equipment, and heat exchangers.


Whether your requirements range from a simple ventilation fan or coil replacement, to a complex dehumidification system involving design, coordination, and installation, THE JOHN J. BARRY COMPANY can coordinate the job – start to finish.

Solving Ventilation Problems for the past 79 years

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